Climbing The Tororo Rock.


If anyone asked me if I’d ever go rock climbing, some years back, I’d say a big ‘NO’. Lately my adventurous spirit has come out to play.

One weekend in July I traveled to Tororo to visit a friend of mine. Hannah is a Peace Corps volunteer and teaches at a primary school in Tororo, so close to Tororo rock. When i asked what we’d do when i visited, she suggested climbing Tororo rock and i said, ‘Why not?!’ I am always open to new adventures and I am always ready too.

That morning i got up really excited to embark on our adrenaline-filled adventure. Hannah had climbed the rock before with a couple of friends so this time she was my guide. The rock is 4,685 ft and has lots of vegetation growing on it.

We started our climb at few minutes past 8am. The sun wasn’t hot. We stopped every now and then to catch our breaths and drink some water. I heard sounds in the grass that scared me but Hannah said it was probably monkeys running to hide from us. That calmed me down.


The higher we got, the faster my heart beat. So much that I thought I would pass out. We reached a point where we had to climb four ladders to continue to the top. It was already high up I felt I would go tumbling down to the base of the rock. I told Hannah I couldn’t continue to the top and that we should stop right there and head back home. She urged me on  and I thought , ‘Why give up now when we’ve come this far?’ So I climbed the first ladder without looking behind me. I found it wasn’t hard after all. The next three were a piece of cake.

We reached the top of the rock at around 9am. So it took us about an hour to get there. By then the sun was really hot and we were sweating but the view was well worth it.

Going back down was easy but since my legs were tired, they began to shake. We took many breaks to rest and went on. The trick when going downwards is to walk sideways. That way, in case you slide, you can use your hands for support.

I’ll tell you one thing: The sound I heard in the grass wasn’t really monkeys like Hannah had said. She said that so I wouldn’t get scared. Once we were at the base, she said it could have been a snake. I am actually glad she wasn’t honest before because I would have chickened out.

What a way to begin a weekend. Though my body ached a little the next morning, I felt refreshed. I could go back again! The next time you’re in Tororo and you’re wondering what tot do, alone or with friends, consider climbing the rock.

A few tips for you:

  • Wear flexible, closed shoes with grippy soles because the rocks can get slippery.
  • Wear comfortable clothes; not too tight but not buggy.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you because you’ll need to hydrate.
  • When going downwards, walk sideways just in case you slide.


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