My Experience of a Whirlwind trip to Lake Mburo National Park.


It was a rainy saturday morning in late September when we set out for an exciting adventure to Lake Mburo National Park. It was one of the Uganda Travel Month group trips organised by The Pearl Guide UG.

The plan was to stop at the equator in Masaka to take some photos but the rain betrayed us. It couldn’t stop, so we just continued with the road trip. Every now and then we made stops to grab a bite. What’s a road trip without chicken and gonja anyway?

Fun conversations with good music playing in the background made the ride worthwhile. My friend, Immy, slept off many times but i was wide awake. It is hard for me to sleep on the road. I’d rather enjoy the beautiful green landscapes and fresh air  brushing over my face.

Before we knew it we were already at Arcadia Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park. We had our lunch while it rained again. That sumptous buffet did me a whole world of good.

It was still drizzling but I couldn’t miss the next activity for anything in this world. The boat ride on Lake Mburo. Some people stayed back to curl up in their beds but that could never be me. The boat cruise was refreshing. The air was cool and the view so magnificent! I could live there.

While on the boat we saw lots of hippos. It’s interesting how they easily float on water ,what with their big bodies. We also saw a crocodile and lots of birds. It was a 2 hour ride and it was freezing cold but we enjoyed the views. All the while I was amazed at God’s work. It’s a beautiful world!

After the boat cruise, we went for the game drive. We saw many zebras. Lake Mburo is known for having lots of those. Zebras are my favourite, after giraffes of course. I find them really beautiful. If I could be an animal, I’d choose to be a giraffe. So graceful and unique. What about you? You can tell me in the comments section. Wink wink.

We almost missed seeing the leopard. We had passed it when someone at the front of the bus alerted us. It was seated on a small anthill, staring, as though waiting for dinner. That explains why there were no antelopes or waterbacks nearby. For me, seeing the leopard was the highlight of the trip. I’d never seen one! We also saw the wild pigs.


That evening we had dinner at Arcadia lodges, sat around the camp fire to warm up while music played. Time went by so fast and we went to sleep in our camping tents. I didn’t sleep a wink. Arcadia Lodges is right in the middle of the national park and animals wander around. The game rangers kept talking to themselves in loud voices. ‘Have you seen the hippo?’ ‘Is that a leopard?’ ‘No, its a wild cat’ I was hearing everything!


The next morning we had breakfast and set off for Kampala. We stopped at the equator this time round and took photos. It is really cool having one foot in the Northern hemisphere and the other in the Southern hemisphere.


I feel so sad when I am going back home from a trip. I wished i could wave a magic wand and be back at Lake Mburo, having that 2 hour boat ride. Fat chance! I had a really a good time though. If you haven’t been to Lake Mburo National Park you really should. I promise you wont regret it





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